Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Here's the Hearse.... Waiting for Halloween! :)

"The Hearse Song"
Don't you ever laugh as the Hearse goes
by, for you may be the next to die.
They wrap you in a big white sheet from your
head down to your feet. 
They put you in a big black box and cover
you up with dirt and rocks. 
All goes well for about a week, then your
coffin begins to leak.

That is just part of a Childrens Traditional Rhyme.. The rest is a little gross and
squeamish... I didn't want to gross you out
but the kids love to sing
it :)

Happy Hallow's Eve!!! 
Be safe and have fun on Halloween!!!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Halloween Wreath"

This is the Halloween Wreath I made . I saw the idea 
off Pinterest. I didn't add as much because
my wreath wasn't as big and I also didn't want
to spend lots of time. It actually
looks frumpy today when I
took the picture. Oh well :) 

This was my Inspiration Wreath. I found this
on Pinterest. It was made by Jennifer Suggs.
I think her wreath is amazing. 

My Wreath was made with a black wreath. Spanish moth,
leaves, flowers (Things I had on hand)
Witches boots I had made last year
for my "Halloween Boutique" and a
Witches hat I made also. Burlap bow and
fabric flowers just cut out
of scrap fabric. A dollar glittered "Happy
I coffee dyed the muslin for the boots and witches Hats.
Funny thing is I don't even drink coffee. :)
So, off to the 99 cent store to
look for coffee. I knew that
stuff would be of use to
me one day. 
Hope you have an Awesome, safe, fun-filled

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Walking at "Hart Park"

A member of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the William S. Hart Museum is less than an hour's drive from most areas of Los Angeles.
The William S. Hart Park and Museum is the former retirement home of the famed silent film actor and director who produced a series of hit Western movies in the early 1900's. His beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival Style Mansion – now the Museum – exhibits an impressive collection of Western artwork by noted artists Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, and Joe de Yong, as well as mementos from early Hollywood, personal furnishings and effects, and artifacts representing multiple Native American cultures.
The Museum also includes an historic 1910 Ranch House that exhibits Hart's tack and saddle collection, personal furnishings, and additional Hollywood mementos.
 William S. Hart 
 Flowering bushes
 Back of the Ranch House
 The "Ranch House"
 Cactus and nature all around this park. 
 There are lots of trails at the Hart Ranch. I love these
Rock benches. It has been a great place to
sit and pray and contemplate life. While looking
over the Valley.
Sitting on the bench overlooking the valley.
(Picture Below)
Both the Mansion and the Ranch House are located in scenic William S. Hart Park, where guests may enjoy visiting a live collection of farm animals, a herd of American bison, a vast picnic area, a series of hiking trails, and a charming Western-themed Gift Store.In 1921, Hart purchased a ranch house and surrounding property. He built a 22 room mansion which today houses Hart's collection of western art, Native American artifacts, and early Hollywood memorabilia. Hart lived at the ranch nearly 20 years until his death in 1946. In his will, Hart gave the Horseshoe Ranch to the County of Los Angeles. It was to be set aside for the use and enjoyment of the public, at no charge.
William S. Hart MansionToday, the Horseshoe Ranch consists of 265 acres. Both the ranch house and the Hart residence are open to the public. An assortment of animals reside at Hart Park, including a small herd of bison which were a gift from the Walt Disney Studios in 1962.

I had more pictures but, I didn't know I was recording and filming instead of
taking pictures on my I phone. So, I am going to retake those pictures. There is so much more to see at this big Ranch. So, stay tuned. I only live
5 minutes away from it :)

Thank you for looking :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Paper Chandelier

 This is a Halloween paper Chandelier hanging from our light above our kitchen
table. It is 
book pages folded like an accordion .
 Hanging from it are pictures of all my kids and my Grandkids.
My son-in-laws too. I put funny titles on them. This is
my Grandson, Parker when he was just a baby. He is 5 now.
So, I need to make a new one. It makes me laugh though. He
is so sweet. His title on his says. "Does not cuddle!" He even
has a pumpkin hat on.. Funny :)
 This is the paper chandelier. I think it is
a fun addition to Halloween decor.
My kids even made sure I had all of them up.
They notice everything :)

This was my inspiration... Check out this cute "Birthday Chandelier!"
So sweet.. Check out this blog too. Really fun

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Let's take a Walk"!

I am going to take you on one of my walks I take almost
everyday.. Sometimes I do a jog/run.. Sometimes I
just need to walk and mediate and pray. So, this
is the area in which I live in California. Come
and Enjoy :)

These are the red bushes I see everywhere 
 on my walk. They are 
very vibrant and so red during this Fall Season. 
This is taken on my walk while I am on the
sidewalk looking over the Valley.
Beautiful View! 
 This is a park that is completely off limits and a secluded area in the
neighborhood where I walk. It is down in a gully like area.
This is where "NCIS" is filmed. I am taking this picture
on a sidewalk looking down. This is a very steep hill
that I have to climb. Once I came down the hill
and had to go all the way back up because
they were filming "NCIS"... I got a sneak peek
of Mark Harmon :)  It was worth
the walk up the hill !!
 This is the path that is off limits to cars. It was
to be for used for the surrounding homes but,
now I just see "NCIS" filming there! :)
 I live where there are so many oak trees. Acorns falling 
everywhere. Squirrels everywhere getting Acorns.
I tried to take a picture but, they are
fast little creatures :)
This is the start of my walk. You can't tell but
it is a very steep hill. Good for getting the
Heart pumping!  There are rabbits, lots
of birds of every color. So much
beauty of Nature here. Lizards
everywhere also. 

 This is some of the scenery I get to enjoy on my
 This is sage like bushes that are everywhere. They
smell very fragrant and I really enjoy the smells
on my walk. There are lavender bushes
and eucalyptus. I love the
smells on my walk :)

I hope you enjoyed the walk.. Especially the beautiful nature that God created for us to
all enjoy. This is just one of my walks that I take. It is about an hour walk for me. Sometimes
I jog it... Sometimes I just need a good walk. Stay tuned for more walking adventures. I live in
an area filled with walking trails.  The one great thing I love about this new area we live in.
  "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder"!! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween has come to "Our" House!

Well, It is finally Here!!
The decorating of the House that is.. I love to decorate  the house
fun and spooky all together  I just added Pumpkins everywhere
sprinkled about. Black netting and Cheese cloth to drape around
mirrors and lamps.  Monster hands and witches boots and
witches hats... Skulls around and lots of 
Old photographs of people long ago.
                         The air is finally getting cooler and the leaves are finally dropping.
I think the "HALLOWEEN"
season is starting 
show up!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coffee Filter and Book Page Rosette Wreath

This is just a little project that I have been working on.. So easy, so fast and hardly
cost me a penny.. Well, maybe a "Pretty Penny".. ha!

                                               Coffee Filter and Book Page Rosette Wreath

To Make:  1 Straw or Foam Wreath
                 Brown and White Coffee Filters
                 Hot Glue
                 Book Pages

You can wrap the wreath but, I left it because I decided to Hot glue the Coffee Filters in the Wreath

1. I just pushed each filter into the wreath one at a time with a sharp object--  i.e.Pencil, crochet hook... Whatever.


2.Then alternate brown and white coffee filters all the way around. Push into wreath and hot glue so it will
    stay as you go. You don't need a lot of glue.

3. Take some old book pages.. Mine were 11x14. I cut them to size.
4. Accordian fold the book page.. I used about two to each rosette.
5. I made smaller sizes as seen on wreath.
6. Then assemble wreath.
7. Glue Book page Rosettes on Wreath.
8. Glue a bow string to front and add a button if you like.
9. Add embellishments as needed.
10. SMILE!  Your wreath is done..  Looks so Pretty!!