Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coffee Filter and Book Page Rosette Wreath

This is just a little project that I have been working on.. So easy, so fast and hardly
cost me a penny.. Well, maybe a "Pretty Penny".. ha!

                                               Coffee Filter and Book Page Rosette Wreath

To Make:  1 Straw or Foam Wreath
                 Brown and White Coffee Filters
                 Hot Glue
                 Book Pages

You can wrap the wreath but, I left it because I decided to Hot glue the Coffee Filters in the Wreath

1. I just pushed each filter into the wreath one at a time with a sharp object--  i.e.Pencil, crochet hook... Whatever.


2.Then alternate brown and white coffee filters all the way around. Push into wreath and hot glue so it will
    stay as you go. You don't need a lot of glue.

3. Take some old book pages.. Mine were 11x14. I cut them to size.
4. Accordian fold the book page.. I used about two to each rosette.
5. I made smaller sizes as seen on wreath.
6. Then assemble wreath.
7. Glue Book page Rosettes on Wreath.
8. Glue a bow string to front and add a button if you like.
9. Add embellishments as needed.
10. SMILE!  Your wreath is done..  Looks so Pretty!!

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