Monday, October 22, 2012

"Let's take a Walk"!

I am going to take you on one of my walks I take almost
everyday.. Sometimes I do a jog/run.. Sometimes I
just need to walk and mediate and pray. So, this
is the area in which I live in California. Come
and Enjoy :)

These are the red bushes I see everywhere 
 on my walk. They are 
very vibrant and so red during this Fall Season. 
This is taken on my walk while I am on the
sidewalk looking over the Valley.
Beautiful View! 
 This is a park that is completely off limits and a secluded area in the
neighborhood where I walk. It is down in a gully like area.
This is where "NCIS" is filmed. I am taking this picture
on a sidewalk looking down. This is a very steep hill
that I have to climb. Once I came down the hill
and had to go all the way back up because
they were filming "NCIS"... I got a sneak peek
of Mark Harmon :)  It was worth
the walk up the hill !!
 This is the path that is off limits to cars. It was
to be for used for the surrounding homes but,
now I just see "NCIS" filming there! :)
 I live where there are so many oak trees. Acorns falling 
everywhere. Squirrels everywhere getting Acorns.
I tried to take a picture but, they are
fast little creatures :)
This is the start of my walk. You can't tell but
it is a very steep hill. Good for getting the
Heart pumping!  There are rabbits, lots
of birds of every color. So much
beauty of Nature here. Lizards
everywhere also. 

 This is some of the scenery I get to enjoy on my
 This is sage like bushes that are everywhere. They
smell very fragrant and I really enjoy the smells
on my walk. There are lavender bushes
and eucalyptus. I love the
smells on my walk :)

I hope you enjoyed the walk.. Especially the beautiful nature that God created for us to
all enjoy. This is just one of my walks that I take. It is about an hour walk for me. Sometimes
I jog it... Sometimes I just need a good walk. Stay tuned for more walking adventures. I live in
an area filled with walking trails.  The one great thing I love about this new area we live in.
  "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder"!! 


Ann said...

Oh nature is phenomenol this fall and a walk is a perfect way to soak it all in. Our favorite show is NCIS, I think I would take lots of peeks at Mark I! I also took photos of October beauty yesterday, take a look at the trees in Kansas.

Scrapally said...

I enjoyed walking with you! thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery and how cool that you are where they film NCIS! I would definitely walk there! Enjoy!

Robin said...

I too enjoyed the walk!! Thanks for inspiring me to share my walks in the future!! Love and miss you Caleen!! Say Hi to Mark for me, I love that show!! :-)