Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween has come to "Our" House!

Well, It is finally Here!!
The decorating of the House that is.. I love to decorate  the house
fun and spooky all together  I just added Pumpkins everywhere
sprinkled about. Black netting and Cheese cloth to drape around
mirrors and lamps.  Monster hands and witches boots and
witches hats... Skulls around and lots of 
Old photographs of people long ago.
                         The air is finally getting cooler and the leaves are finally dropping.
I think the "HALLOWEEN"
season is starting 
show up!


Robin said...

I loved seeing your house decorated, even though it is from far away now!! Thanks for sharing with me!! I miss your sweet smile and talking with you!! Love Me

C2 YW said...

I love Caleens halloween decorations!! Miss you!