Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Paper Chandelier

 This is a Halloween paper Chandelier hanging from our light above our kitchen
table. It is 
book pages folded like an accordion .
 Hanging from it are pictures of all my kids and my Grandkids.
My son-in-laws too. I put funny titles on them. This is
my Grandson, Parker when he was just a baby. He is 5 now.
So, I need to make a new one. It makes me laugh though. He
is so sweet. His title on his says. "Does not cuddle!" He even
has a pumpkin hat on.. Funny :)
 This is the paper chandelier. I think it is
a fun addition to Halloween decor.
My kids even made sure I had all of them up.
They notice everything :)

This was my inspiration... Check out this cute "Birthday Chandelier!"
So sweet.. Check out this blog too. Really fun


Robin said...

I love yours way better!! It is so cute I am inspired by your talent!!

Manoel Carlos Alves said...
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John Alex said...

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