Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Granddaughter.. "Sofia"!!

Meet Sofia!!!

A special event occurred, Our Daughter Stacey, our 3rd Daughter, had her baby." Sofia" was born on August 25.  Sofia was born into a Beautiful, Chaotic, loving
Family..  "Welcome, Baby Sofia"!!  We are so happy to have you in our Family!!

She is a beauty. Now, one month old. She is growing and changing everyday.
The hardest for me is that I live 3 hours away from her. I miss her and want to
cuddle and love her. My daughter, Stacey has done a wonderful job being a Mommy
to Sofia. I am very proud of her. My other 2 daughters have filled in as wonderful
Aunts to sweet Sofia. Brooke and Lauren live in the same town and are so good to visit them and
help Stacey out. I am so proud of my Daughters. 

I am making some Hair bows for her and have so many ideas of fun things I want to
make for her.. Lots of pink and ruffles.. Now, I just have to get my sewing machine
fixed :(

I am a blessed Woman. Being a Grandma is an added joy. I have Parker who is 5, and Nikos who is 21 mo. and now Sofia who is 1 month old.. They are truly blessings in my life. I love them so much and miss them terribly. 

I am looking forward to seeing them in 2 weeks and they are going to get smothered with lots of kisses and hugs :)

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Robin said...

Caleen she is indeed a beauty!!You are a very blessed Sister!! I love and miss you!!!!!