Monday, August 6, 2012

I just got back from a 5 day trip to NYC with my son, Ryan. He had some business there
regarding his Music, so I went along. Afterall, I am his Mother!
We had an eventful trip. We were busy and went from place to place. He went to Magazine interviews, 
was on CNN, met Radio People. Sang for a Showcase. Yet, we still had  time to enjoy
some of the sights and have some fun in this Huge, exciting, City. One of
the funny things is that Ryan, is a Foodie.. He loves Food.. So,
we went to some of his favorite places that he saw on the Food Network or
that some of his friends recommended. I have to say, that one
of our favorite places was the "Magnolia Bakery in NYC..
It was Delicious.. He especially loved the "Banana Pudding" 
It has vanilla wafers, whipped cream and bananas and Pudding.
I have tried to make this before and it was OK.. but, They
must have a "Special Ingredient"  because there version
was "OH SO GOOD"!!!  I also loved the Peach Crumb Pie.. Oh..
even thinking about it now makes my mouth water!  :)
So, if you are Ever in NYC, you have to go to
Tell them... Ryan sent you ! lol

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Robin said...

It looks delish!!! Glad you enjoyed your time in NYC!!