Friday, July 20, 2012

Well, A lot has been going on in our Home.. Yes.. we moved to a new City after living in our previous home and area pretty much our whole lives. .. It has been exciting and adjustment. I think we are starting to feel like it is "Home"..
I still don't have it all decorated like I would like and have had to downsize some and make some changes.
Isn't that what life is about??  Learning to be in Acceptance.. I have had to really learn to "Let Go"  and Accept things as they are.. It has been a hard but good lesson for me. The funny thing is that we have had more Friends and Family come and stay with us in the past 6 weeks that we had in our last house of 3 years.
So.. I haven't really been that lonely :)

The other exciting thing is that my Son, Ryan  an aspiring Singer and Songwriter is really doing very
well.. It has been a Journey with him learning to adjust to the crazy schedules and management of time
etc.. There is a lot of driving and driving and adjusting. Yet, he is an awesome Young Man and has
a Passion for Singing. It is in his "Blood".. He has been singing since he could speak.. So, we aren't
really shocked that for now this is his path.

He has a EP coming out on July 24 available on I Tunes.. An album coming this year too.. He was nominated for a "Teen Choice Award".  Which is Aired this Weekend.. His Sister, Brooke gets to
be his Adult Chaperon.. Pretty exciting for her too.. He gets to walk the "Red Carpet". So, for a
Teen 16 year old it is exciting for him.   He recently had a concert at the Legendary "Roxy" in Los
Angeles.. It was a great Concert and was a step up for him since he is moving from a "You Tube"
Star and now a "Real" Singer/Songwriter..  Very exciting for him.

Lots happening in our Family.. Our third Daughter, Stacey is  having a Baby. She is due close to her Birthday, August
23. She is having a "Girl".. So, she is having our first Granddaugher. We are very Happy and
excited. More Grandchildren to Love!!

Well, a lot more exciting things happening to come.. Yet, Life isn't perfect for us.. We still have our trials and challenges. Days of worry and fear.. It doesn't last long though. Our Faith and Hope remains Strong.
Everything has a purpose and plan. We are just trying to follow God's will.. We know in the end it is
all going to be OK!!!!

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