Monday, May 28, 2012


(Our new area)
Well, after months of prayer,pondering and waiting.. We are
finally making our move down south. It is a bittersweet feeling.
We have lived in the Valley for 25 years. We have many Family
and friends that live here. I will miss them all!
I have so many wonderful memories here. Now..
time for a new chapter of our lives. So, the end of this
week, Kenny, Ryan, Kev and I move to new
adventures. I leave behind my 3 grown girls and 2 grandkids with one grand child
on the way. I will be back many times to visit!!! I love them so and just
can't bear being away for very long!
To my family and friends that I leave behind....
I love you all and you are treasured and Loved..
Life is eternal and I know we are bonded forever!
Plus.. thank goodness for modern technology!
I will stay connected through my blog and facebook and
Adieu! for now :)


Scrapally said...

We will miss you guys! But thankfully you are close and can come back often! I agree with the modern technology, it definitely helps keep us all together! Good luck with everything! Love you guys!!

kelly said...

Are you all settled in now?

bedroom decorating ideas said...

Caleenrae's Creative Journey
I loved this blog post. I couldn't have said it any better to be honest!

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Caleen,
Thanks so much for taking time to visit? Also thank you for your sweet comments on my shadowbox, it was soooo much fun to do!

Have a great week!
Be blessed!