Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cambria, Ca.. Part 2

Ok.. So here is part 2.
Cambria, Ca
This is the Garden of a cute shop
called, "Heart's Ease".

Alice tending the Garden! LoL! 
Fairy Village

They have a "Fairy Festival" every Yr. end of April. 

 The "Mad Hatter"... This is for You, Brookee!

Wind Chimes playing so sweetly. 

 I "Love" Gnomes.. I think it's the "Danish" in me!

Just some pretty garden plants. 
Flowers of Spring.

I will post tomorrow more pictures of our trip.
I promise, it will be the last.
Onto other things.
Hope you are
having a delightful day.

1 comment:

Lauren Caleen Torres said...

I love Hearts Ease! :) I want a garden like that someday... a girl can dream, right? lol