Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cambria, Ca....

Hi There! 
I am back from my One day Trip to Cambria, Ca.
Our First Stop:
Cambria Cemetary
It is nestled in the Mts. amongst the beautiful
evergreen trees. It is peaceful with
 a calm reverence there.
I suppose there are no rules in how to
decorate the graves. There are
chairs set out, fairies everywhere, statues
angels, wind chimes,
even "Pink Flamingos"!

There are some grand statues and yet there are some old wood tombstones
with No Name of the deceased.
How sad that these children all died possibly due to some sickness.
A memorial to the Japanese .
"I'll be seeing You!

Pink Flamingos???
A Rock with Cement remembering the Deceased...
Well.. I am back from a Wonderful day spent
in Beautiful Cambria, Ca.. We left at
6:30 am. Me and my two Friends, Robin the pilot
and Diane the co-pilot LOL!
It was a Glorious, Sunny Day! Couldn't have
been more Perfect!  We had a lot
of fun! Laughing, exploring, Eating
yummy food, and just enjoying
the peace and beauty there in

One funny thing: 
One of the Headstones Epitaph read:
"She did the best she could!"..We couldn't
stop laughing about that one!

What would you want your
Headstone ephitaph to say?
if you had a Choice?


Wanda Metcalf said...

I agree that it's not a morbid place. I used to go to the cemetery all the time to have a nice outdoor Bible study. It was the only place you can go and nobody bothers you or thinks you are strange for reading the Bible. If you need a good cry well what better place to go! If I just went to the park some mom with kids was always looking for a grown up to talk to. I understood that but maybe was not what I was there for.

I love the old headstones. What works of art they can be! Pink flamingos? It can be funny to see what people put there too.

Enjoy the rest of your week

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That's so funny- she did the best she could! I love the flamingos. That's great!