Friday, March 11, 2011

Cambria, Ca.. Part 3 and "The End"!

Well, it's Friday and I thought I would bore
you with more pictures of Cambria..
Can't help it.. It was so beautiful.
Blogger is acting up so.. I could only
post a few.. PHEW! aren't you
"Pretty in Pink"! 

"Moss" in the Trees.. It reminded me of "Pirates of the Caribbean"!
So Cool... A flock of Wild Deer grazing the Mt by the Ocean!
Purple Flowers...
Took this picture because Deer just come into the Residential
Housing area in the Mts..  So Fun!

Well.. That is ENOUGH!
Please come back.
I have Fun things to
show you.
Smile :)


Scrapally said...

Not bored at all! Loved hearing about your fun day in Cambria and seeing your fun pictures! You have a great weekend too!!

Lauren Caleen Torres said...

Love the pictures too! I am still jealous you gotto go there :( road trip soon? ;)