Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Thank you- Creative blogs!"

I love making wreaths. There are so many wonderful wreaths out their in blogland. So many talented crafters.. I came across this blog.. She really inspired me. This is only one of the wreaths that she makes.. Check out her beautiful work!

This is my interpretation of the wreath I was inspired by on "Knock Knocking's blog" I gave it as a "Hostess" gift for a Bunco Group that I belong to.. She is a Kindergarten Teacher and she Loved it..
Some of the flowers were made with recycled sweaters and some were made from fabric. I added silk flowers, crochet flowers also.. The wreath was first wrapped in cotton batting and tulle.. Then I wrapped yarn around the wreath. There is a knack to it.. I don't think I have it yet.. It was fun though. I added some other fun things... A fun Valentine wreath..

I really appreciate talented bloggers. There are so many creative blogs out there.. I really glean and learn a lot from other crafters.
This blog that inspired me - I really love everything she does.. She adds so many
fun creative touches to her wreaths.. You need to check it out.. I want to pay my respects and gratitude to the creative bloggers.. They really inspire me..
Have a great weekend.. The sun finally came out! :)


Robin said...

I love the wreath you made, WOW is all I can say !!!! The inspiration wreat is cute too !!

Scrapally said...

You are very creative and crafty too! I love to see what you make, and it's fun to see what inspires you too! I also love a good yours! :)

Alisa said...

Her wreaths are really fun, aren't they?!
I love your version! Great job!

Grandmotherfairy said...

Beautiful looks like it takes a lot of time to are so talented. I love the flowers you made out of old sweaters...

Jenn said...

I love your wreath! So cute and what a wonderful gift.