Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Thrift/Treasures on "Tuesday"!!!!

Today is "THRIFTY/TREASURES.....on "Tuesday"!!! I am going to show my fun "TREASURES" and tell you a little about them... This first Painting is by Cherry Jeffe Huldah . I bought it at thrift store for a few dollars. This is what I learned about her:

"Huldah Cherry was was born in Dallas Texas in 1901. She studied at the Art Student's League and Grand Central School in New York City. She was also taught by Robert Brackman.Huldah began her career in the 1940s. From 1934-1949 she was represented by the noted New York art dealer and collector, Howard Young. In the 1950s, the Charles Lock Galleries of New York also exhibited her work. In 1975 Wally Findlay Galleries in New York presented her first one-woman show.
Four of her works were purchased by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Her paintings have been reproduced by the New York Graphics Society since 1946 and by Hallmark cards since 1953.Huldah has had her paintings selected for the Grand Salon of the Salon des Artisted Francais in Paris. She won Honorable Mention awards on the Salons of 1948 and 1967.For her subject matter, she focused on turn-of-the-century women and adolescent girls. Her young ladies are costumed in the fashionable attire of the period, and her style hints of impressionism with a strong Renoir influence. Inspired by a period known as La Belle Epoque, Huldah's designs were incorporated into thirty-one collectible porcelain works of art which were created between 1959 and 1968 and distributed into the 1980s.She is listed in "Who's Who in American Art", "Who's Who of American Women" and the "World Who's Who of Women".In addition to museums, her paintings are in the collections of the Cornell Medical Center, and in the Los Angeles Athletic Club. And in 1998 the national Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC recognized Huldah and has included her work on their permanent collection." These 2 paintings were by Cydney Grossman born 1909 in New York City.. An American Painter that was known for painting, Circus Clowns and Circus Scenes and Ballerinas... I couldn't find any more information about this painter.. I bought these prints for a few dollars.. They are not the originals but, are at least 60 years old or so..

When I was about 10 years old, my Mother decided my Sister, Janine and I needed to have our room decorated.. Most of our furniture at that time was mostly old stuff.. We were really excited to finally have a "Pretty Room". We had the 70's shag carpet with the gold, yellow, green and orange colors.. Needless to say that what was "In Style" and we loved it..

My Mom purchased the white French desk with chair and white Dresser.. We had Gold drapes
and big round orange lights above each twin bed..
My Mother found a picture to go in our Room.. It was two girls at the "opera" and looked "French"..

When you looked at one of the Girl's in the picture.. It seemed her "Eyes" would move wherever
you were looking at her.. I was "Scared" of that picture.. HA.... It was a beautiful painting.. I would love to find it now but, have been unsuccessful...

These paintings remind me of that "Painting" in our room as young Girl's..
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my "THRIFTY/TREASURES" and a little information about the


Jenn said...

Lovely paintings Caleen. Listen, about the velvet ribbon... send me an email with your address at jennheuston@yahoo.ca and I will send you some! That's what friends are for!! :)

Scrapally said...

What a fun blog read! the paintings are great and I loved hearing about your bedroom as a young girl...mine had PURPLE walls and was covered with Osmond posters! :)