Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Celebration for Peter" ... "Decorations"!

Happy Birthday Peter!! Our Celebration held at my Sister, Janine's House ...
My 3 Brother's ... Peter, Kirk and Rolf...

I made a Banner that said "Happy 60th Peter!!!

I made this Collage with some Pictures I got from my Dad.. I didn't have a lot of pictures but, tried to put something together for him...

Every "King" needs a crown and Peter deserves a crown because he
is 60 years old!! He was a good sport to wear the crown the whole time... We had a barbeque at my Sister, Janine's home. It was very hot but, some were smart and actually
swam.. It was fun to celebrate my Brother.. He entertained us with some musical numbers and we asked questions about his Life.. It was nice to be together and spend a few hours Celebrating !
My sister put noise makers, toys and candy on the tables.. It was fun to act like
a "Kid" for awhile. My Sister, worked real hard and was very helpful.. We ate food, had cake and ice cream and visited..
It was a nice time and I
am glad that we did something for our Brother, Peter.. Happy Birthday Peter.. We Love You!!

This is a badge I made for Peter!

This is a book I altered for Peter.. We put it out on the table for everyone
to write something to him... (Sorry for the blurry picture..maybe, I should have my glasses on when I take a picture! HA!!)


Scrapally said...

What great decorations! Looks like a good time was had by all...he is lucky to have you for a sister! Promise to make me party hat when I turn 60? But Robin will want one too and she will be there before me..she's way older! :)

Grandmotherfairy said...

You are so talented. What a fun time it looks like you all had.

Robin said...

You did and awesome job !! You should take orders for decorations for different celebrations, I'd buy them !! How cute that he wore the hat !! Rest and then come and see me !! Miss Ya Love R

Jenn said...

Wow. Incredibly gorgeous work. That banner is excellent... love your color choices.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh Caleen, your creations are fabulous! The colors are great. Wow!