Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A "Vignette" in my New Home !!!

This is an area in my home that I finally finished.. It is everything that I love.. I
purchased most at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, Antique.. all bought on a dime.. I can't
paint in our home because it is a Rental.. That is o.k. because I have a blank canvas .. it
is all white walls... I guess you could say that I LOVE everything.. I do not have Design
rules or believe in them.. I am decorating with things that I love and make our Family
feel good.. I am of Danish Ancestry.. It shows in my decorating.. I love Knick Knacks and
things to fill up the walls.. I guess the Danes do the same..
I started with My Daughters New painting "Serenity" on a previous post as an inspiration
but, I have mixed different styles.. It seems to work.. I really don't care because I am
decorating with what I love... I went to a home a few months ago and when I look around
everything was decorated in Butterflies.. They were everywhere.. in prints, wind chimes,
vases, butterflies all around the room.. Talk about feeling Good!!! I loved that room .. She
didn't care about what anyone thought.. I asked her "Why did you decorate with butterflies?"
She said.. because.. "I Love them.. They make me feel happy"!! Wow.. That was good enough
for me... Decorate with what makes you HAPPY!!! I still have a wall that I am going to fill
with Family pictures.. I need to gather them together.. My Family is the Most Important
to me.. I am proud of them.. They are My World.. Everything.. I will post more pictures of
our Home later... Have fun doing what you LOVE!!


::Jan:: said...

I love your Happy Wall Caleen. It speaks volumes of the sweet spirit you are :)

Happy Homemaking.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love your wall. Those are the types of pieces I like too! Sometimes I think I have way too many family pictures in my house. They make me happy and I just can't seem to eliminate. Happy Walls. I like that phrase.

Priscila said...

ah love that God wall hanging. I have that same picture frame thats in the middle of the wall (the bigger one) dont know what to do with it yet...I .love
ur table........i
ts kindda good that u are far cause we would be fighting over ever sigle thing thats on that table!!!!!!!!

Caleen...I SAW IT FIRST...Priscila I picked it up first...haha

ahhhhhhhh we have the same it

Alisa said...

It looks beautiful! You have done a great job!

Robin said...

I love how it all looks, it is beautiful !! But not as beautiful as you are my friend !! Love Ya lots R

Robin said...

Thank You for your wonderful visit !! I truly enjoyed our time together. I have needed to talk and I really feel better for it !! thanks for the cupcakes they were awesome !! Love Ya R

Heidi Ann said...

HI Caleen, I love your decorating philosophy!....If you choose to surround yourself with things you love...your house will be a true reflection of you & will ultimately make you very content & happy!....So enjoyed this post of yours!!!...Heidi XO

Grandmotherfairy said...

I love your wall Caleen and agree with you about decorating with things you love...I think that is a wonderful "theme", "My home is decoreated in the things I love" style....beautiful!

kelly said...

I am sure a "decorator" would have plenty to say about everything wrong about my home, but I do what I love too!

Kim said...

Gorgeous. I see you are getting the feel for your new place. I'm so glad. It is beautiful...just like you.

Observer Of Life said...

I love this area and the way you have decorated it! You have such a sense of style and provide inspiration for all who ready your blog.
Thank you.