Monday, February 23, 2009

" Fairies and Grandparents"

I made this for a friend. I know she loves fairies and so do I.. I made it from an
old book board and used old vintage wallpaper and covered it from front to back.. The poem
and fairy is from an old Children's book that I have.. I embellished it to death because that is
what I love to do..
I love Fairies, Gnomes, Little people, Elves.. all that fun, fairytale and fantasy like
stuff. My grandparents were of Danish ancestry.. They had lots of fun stories and my Dad
would fill us with lots of stories about elves and all.. I have a few favorite movies..
1. Fairy Tale
2. Darby o'gill and the Little People..

I found an old letter My Grandma wrote to my Father and Mother.. Dated July 12, 1967.
I believe I was meant to read it the other day.. It was a very touching and special letter.
I did Love my Grandma Blanche. She was a wonderful woman. She was very talented and
was a wonderful cook and homemaker. She always told us stories and was a very spiritual
woman. She was a very good example to me even at such a young age. I know she had a
deep love for my Father. She was proud of him and they had a good relationship.

In the letter she said. "2 elfin maidens with winsome ways and shining eyes".. also.. "We shall remember this and in place of the fairies leaving pennies under the pillow to pay for the beds
they share, I hope the fairies leave much more, a happy memory of the two grandparents who
shared their beds with and left a good night kiss upon their lips and the feel of two little chubby arms around their Grandparents necks."

My sister and I would give up our room every time our Grandparents came to stay with us.
I don't remember complaining about this.. It was only right. We loved our Grandparents.
They lived about one hour from our home. I have wonderful memories of them.. My Grandpa
died in 1968.. I believe.. and my Grandma died in 1979-1980 or so... I think I was about 18
or so.. I really needed to be reminded of my Grandparents.. They were wonderful examples,
loving and good to us.. It was a good time to be reminded..


Scrapally said...

That was a very fun read! I have been looking at my parents' OLD slides...and there are many pics of my grandparents...I love and miss them too. They have all been gone a really long time. But I remember them well! You do great work with your crafts and with your blog! thanks for sharing!

Robin said...

I love the picture you created !! I wonder who it is going too? hmmm I think I know !! I too love the story of your grandparents. I have a few memories of them, however we always lived pretty far away from them, but occasionally we lived close or visited !! I plan to be the grandma who is right down the street no matter where that street is !!! lol

Robin said...

PS I mean my onw grandparents not yours !! hahaha

care said...

I really know that, Parents are blessings of God, but grandparents are the ‘grand blessings’ of God.

Grandmotherfairy said...

That was a beautiful post...the letter from your grandmother made me lucky you are to have that treasure...the picture is exquisite!

Priscila said...

how sinkin sweet is that??? I like that elf and fairy stuff too. Make it fun believing in things like that especially now that there isnt lots of magic in the world ...with the economy....and all the problems its just a day to day stuggle instead of fun little things that we can think and believe in.
I hope your move is going good! Ive missed talking to you. I love what you made ur friend and Im jelous!!!! Sooooooooo pretty

Grandmotherfairy said...

I forgot to granmother's name was Blanche also....