Thursday, February 26, 2009

Decorating with what I love!!!

Just having fun dcorating our home. These are some fun finds
too... The beautiful picture of Jesus with the little boy on his back. I love this. I
love the expression that the artist gave to the Savior. Such a loving Face! The
violin, black architectual piece found at a thrift store. Candlesticks at a Yard Sale..
The old knobs in the bowl bought on ebay for a song.. The picture frame of Jesus
I painted black.. Old hymnal song pages found at a thrift store.. Just enjoying life.


Priscila said...

Love everything! Maybe one day we can go into buisness together! :) CAleen and Priscilas boutique how fun!!! Right on the beach~

Robin said...

I can't wait to come and see it all in person !! I sure enjoyed your company last night !! And the cupcakes were awesome !! Thanks for sharing the uplifting pictures of your home !!

Shauna said...


Alisa said...

We have violins all over our house, as my Farmboy plays. But there is one in particular, unplayable, that I love to decorate with.

Britten said...

I love it!!! You know, if you are inspired and fill your home with the things you love, it will be "right" design-wise no matter what!

I know I am Danish house is filled with faeries and all sorts of nick nacks.

Love the faery card you embellished!

Love Brooke's painting! She has some great talent! You will have to tell me what her etsy shop name is....

Grandmotherfairy said...

You have an amazing talent you hire out?? I love the way it looks.