Saturday, December 20, 2008

"More Crafts continued...."

This is another wall plaque that I made out of foam board. I think it
belongs in the "MADONNA INN" by Pismo Beach, Ca.. I love how it turned out.. I think Elvis
would have liked it too.. HA! It is about 10x13 size..
This is a Ornament that I made out of wire, tinsel, flowers, ribbon, mercury balls.. I saw the idea on Holly Doodle Designs.. Happy Creativity... Holly makes beautiful things. I kind of
put my own twist on it.. The shape is basically the same..
Some more ornaments on my undecorated tree.. Made from inspiration from Holly.. Hollydoodle designs..
Are your eyes getting tired of all this tinsel and bling ???? I love it!
A bottle that I decorated.. The saying says..."Our eyes wait upon the Lord"!
This is a lousy picture... I think this NEW YEAR goal will be to learn how
to take pictures.. I have a really good camera.. I just need to learn more than just "Point and shoot".. ha!! This was a busy weekend for us.. We had a nice Family Christmas dinner with my Family and then tonight we went to our Nieces's reception.. We had a great time.. good food, dancing, yummy cupcakes, beautiful decorating, Happy Bride and Groom.. I danced a few songs
with my kids but, I just can't move like I use to.. I love to dance but, I think my kids get too
embarrassed. I really loved to dance when I was a teenager.. I went to our Church dances on
a weekly basis.. I couldn't wait to go.. It was a fun time for me.. Well, I am up too late and my feet hurt and it is time to hit the hay... Have a lovely Sunday.. Merry Christmas....


Grandmother Fairy said...

More beautiful things, are so talented!!! See to this afternoon!!!

Robin said...

The beautiful ornaments you make remind me of things my mother made when I was a young girl, for Christmas. We were poor (how sad hehe) and she made our decorations and always made Christmas special, that's where I got my love of traditional Christmas decorations and traditions. Thanks for sharing. Love Ya Robin

Jan said...

Do you ever sleep Caleen. Seriously. You do such great things.

Kim said...

Always so fun to see what you've been busy making! I love your style - very feminine and victorian. You are very talented.
love you tons.....