Sunday, December 21, 2008


My husband, Kevin LOVES CHRISTMAS and is full of the Christmas spirit.. He is always suprising us and doing fun things for us.. He is playful and fun and generous and caring. He started this tradition in our family. The last 12 days of Christmas he (the magic elf) writes
a poem for that day and gives the kids something fun in their stocking.. This is the poem he wrote on the 6th day.. They have gotten, candy, in-out certificates, make-up stuff, books, gum,
specific fun things for each kid.. Doesn't require too much of a cost. It is just something fun
leading up to Christmas.. These stockings were crocheted by our Great Grandma Georgia who is 95 and made stockings for all of us with our names on and actually made some for every child
and Grandchild.. She is amazing and these stockings are very special to all of us.. Have a very
special Sunday.. Hoping your life and mine is filled with the love of Heavenly Father and the remembrance of his Son, Jesus Christ.. Peace and Love to all.....


Kim said...

I have a stocking just like that at my parent's house! My mom made one just like yours for my sister and one for me! Aren't they sweet? I do love seeing them every year! and it's fun to know you all have the same kind!!!

Merry Christmas Friend!

Grandmother Fairy said...

What a precious tradition...I love the stockings. I was going to do that...the operative word is "was". I hate to start out in the whole...I would have to make 19of way!!!!!
Kevin's idea is great!