Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Crafting at Christmas"!

I can't help but want to craft at Christmas. Making little suprises for friends is so fun. This is a circle shaped paper mache that I found at Michael's arts and crafts. I embellished it with gathered ribbons, tinsel, ribbon, mercury balls, glitter, old vintage Christmas
card... flowers, jewelry..
This is a bottle that I put old wallpaper, old christmas card, flowers, ribbons,
jewels, and I found a teal colored bottle topper at the thrift store for 2.00... I love the colors
and love the way it turned out..
I made a bunch of these. For 25 cents a plate and a dollar candlestick and strong glue.. You can't beat that.. I just added the bow and bells for a Christmas touch.. This could be wrapped up cute with candies, cookies, cupcakes, jewelry, plant etc.. I found this idea
on another blog.. I can't remember where though..
This was a fun project.. I made one for my swap partner, Heidi..
I cut the shape out of Foam Core then glued wrapping paper to it. Then I used a frame that I got for 25 cents at a Yard Sale and sprayed it a teal color.. I found a deer image and glued it on.. Then I took a deer I got at the 99 cent store and cut off the head and glued it on the plaque. Then I had fun embellishing it. I used old vintage stuff.. mercury balls, pines, flowers, little "Merry Christmas".. Old drawer handle painted silver... I really enjoyed making these. It reminds me of something in "Urban outfitters or Anthropologie"!!
Another view of my "Merry Christmas" Deer Plaque!!
Tonight, we finally put on the lights on our tree and finished decorating it.
My kids are kind of upset with me.. I decided to decorate our tree with only silver, red
and teal.. They really love all their old ornaments and want to decorate it the way we always
do.. I guess I was a little selfish.. This has been a challenging year for us and I just wanted to
do something different and it really isn't anything fancy.. I just love the colors.. I guess my
kids really do pay attention to "Traditions".. I guess next time we will compromise and maybe
have a small tree for their special ornaments and maybe I will decorate a tree with what I like..

Friends???? What kind of special "TRADITIONS" does your family have?


Grandmother Fairy said...

Beautiful creations are a wonder!!! I have a tree upstairs that has all the kids ornaments on it...I love to see the ornaments and memories the conjure...I love the silver, teal and red idea!!!

Jan said...

Look at Santa go. Thumpity thump thump.
You are so on a roll.

Robin said...

Your Christmas creations are great !! I need to decorate my tree still....

Lynne Laura said...

Love that vintage style Christmas crafting.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Kara Ward said...

You have gone to town. I am dying over the cake stand. The plates are just perfect. Such a creative soul you are. wink, wink...Kara

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Caleen, I couldn't agree more!...I think my beautiful "deer" wallhanging completely looks like Anthropologie!...which I love!.....Thank you again!....It has been hanging on my kitchen armoire!.....Your friend, Heidi XO