Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"SNOW... not quite but, almost!!!"

Monday, about 2:00 pm a cold crazy storm came into our town.. It started hailing so hard that it came down like snow.. We don't get snow in our area the coldest it has gotten is into the 20's.. far as I know. It did snow a little bit a few years ago and I have pictures of me as a child in the 60's with about one inch or so.. We live in the Central Valley, California
where we are mostly know for HEAT!! My two daughters and niece and Grandson Parker and Hubby were so excited we took pictures and my daughter brought out bowls to catch it and freeze it to show the rest of my kids.. It was a sweet magical time even if it only lasted for a few
minutes.. My son, Ryan who is in Jr. High said he was in PE and the teachers let them go out and play in it and he said they built a mini snow/slush man... HA!! It was a neat moment.. You can say what you want but, I chose to say it was a God miracle for us.. I am grateful I am learning to appreciate little moments like this..
Our "California" Snow!!!
Some glass bottles that I put by my window sill with little prisms.. Pretty
when the light reflects off of it..

This is a lousy picture taking but, this is a china plate I got at the thrift store for 25 cents and glued to a dollar candlestick with E6000 glue.. Then I just embellished a bit. A fun gift to put candies, cupcake, brownies.. or jewelry, buttons, keys, etc.. I saw it on a blog and I would love to give recogition but, I can't remember the blog name.. So, this is not my idea... someone else came up with it...
Just a jar of Mercury Balls that I put in a Jar I got from a yard sale for one
dollar... Have a good night!


Jan said...

Wow girl. You are rocking it out over there. Stay warm okay.

kelly said...

I should take a little walk around the corner and come see all your pretty decorations. You are so creative, I love them.

Kim said...

Hey...i love the little bottles with prisms! What a good idea!!! How do you have energy to do all your things???? I am amazed!