Tuesday, December 9, 2008

" 99 cent Store Decorating==== "A Glitterfied Christmas"!!!

                                         Glitter is showing up everywhere even at the 99 cent store..
              These are some of the things I purchased there.. This is my Color Palette for
Christmas.. Totally different than colors that I usually use... I love it.. Since most of my
House is boxed up... I just decorated with things I have made or some touches from the
99 cent store and Dollar store.. it can look festive, pretty and have a Christmas feeling..
I will post pictures later.. We haven't purchased our tree yet.. That is the last touch of 
Decorating... I have pictures of things I got from my Swap partner, Lorrie from Canada..
She sent some wonderful, vintage christmas things.. So, good night.. until tomorrow....


Grandmother Fairy said...

I can't wait to see the finished project Caleen...it was fun to be with you last night!!!

Jan said...

That is amazing. Great finds for that price.

Robin said...

We haven't gotten a tree yet either, and I usually have it up right after Thanskgiving !! I love the old fashion feel of the decorations you bought. It was good to be with you all last night, I hope I can do well so you all don't kick me out of the group !! LOL

kelly said...

Wow, I really like those. I have a little 2 foot tree in my bedroom and it has blue lights and silver and blue decorations, snowflakes and icicles, all of the decorations are from the dollar store a few years ago. I love my little tree!