Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vintage Swap/ Gifted to me! by Lorrie

                                                     Battenburg Lace Angel made for me by Lorrie
                                                2 Vintage Ornaments in a pretty green/teal color.

                                                Paper Star made out of music paper and glittered rosette w/button
                                            Pretty Wall Hanging.."Winter Wishes".. Love it!
                                                  Pretty little tags
                                                 Vintage necklace, silver spoon and christmas tree pin
                                      Handmade felt hearts with embroidery, crocheted napkin rings, pretty silver frame with picture..   I am a very blessed Gal.. Lorrie my swap partner gave me some
very special things and in colors I adore and all the lovelys of Christmas. Thank You Lorrie!!


Grandmother Fairy said...

What a fun idea...where did you get a swap partner...she has wonderful taste!!!!!

Alisa said...

Beautiful gifts!

Lorrie said...

I'm glad everything arrived safe and sound. I had my doubts!
It was a fun to collect and make things.

Have a merry Christmas,