Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"PEACE" in a SONG!

This is my Sweet 10 yr. old boy, Kenny.
Coby, Jeremy and Kenny getting ready to sing.
Elementary Choral Festival
Nov. 2008'

Today, my son's Elementary Concert Choir was going to be performing 3 songs for their
annual Choral festival. Kenny is in 5th grade and really enjoys singing.
It was in the new beautiful Clovis North Performing Theater. I was blessed to go early and
listen to all of the choral groups perform.

I did not know what I would feel and understand as I listened to their singing.. I loved all
the groups they performed so well. Children are special!

One of the songs Kenny's choral group sang, was "Shenandoah"... This is the song that filled my heart,
tears welled up and their was a special spirit in that room.. I felt like I was the only person
in the room.. I needed to hear that song.. I felt so much PEACE when they sang.. There tone
was so beautiful.. I felt very blessed and grateful. This year has had some very major challenges
and some hardships.. Yet, I have felt loved and cared for every moment. I am grateful that on this day... A beautiful American Folk song.. usually a work song and nostalgic at that... brought
me so much PEACE.. Thank you Kenny for your sweet talent and all the special choral
groups. Sometimes we go looking for 'PEACE' in obvious places.. Make sure you don't miss
it when it comes to you!! The SEASON will be gone but, the magic and spirit it brings is lasting.


Kim said...

he is and always has been so cute.
i remember those choral festivals. it seems like a century ago that i would go and hear my girls sing. it is always a nice treat. great singing. amazing songs too.

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

So, where's the short video you were suppose to take so we could listen?? I want to hear! Looks like you are keeping busy as usual. So, where are you guys moving too? Far, close, next door?? Is it a secret.. I want to know. Any way, we will be around for Thanksgiving. We will be there from Wednesday - Sunday. We will leave monday morning.. early. We hope to see you because we won't be back again 'til probably next Easter or so. Tell everyone HI!