Monday, November 17, 2008

"I Know I shouldn't... but, I couldn't help myself."!

OK... So, I just couldn't help myself.... I tried to wait on Christmas, but, it
is popping up everywhere.. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I am in 'LOVE' with these COLORS..
So, here are the COLORS of OUR CHRISTMAS this year 2008'. I will mix in RED too....
I got this stuff from 'BIG LOTS' and the DOLLAR STORE.. I also shop for VINTAGE christmas at YARD SALES and THRIFT STORES.. it is so amazing what you can find for next to nothing..
My attic is FULL of CHRISTMAS... We are all boxed up and ready for a move soon so, I am having a hard time deciding if I will decorate as I usually do... I may just throw a wreath on the door and decorate a tree with these colors this year and be HAPPY! It is o.k. to simplify and do things a little different... but, I really love this TEAL and SILVER for CHRISTMAS!


Jan said...

This should be gorgeous Caleen. I can't wait to see the finished product. I love that color too. Big Lots and the Dollar stores? That is fantastic. I love a bargain and some great looks. I know that you will make everything just look great and festive. I am going with the same boring things. Oh well. I am frugal mugal this year. And my son comes home tomorrow from his mission, he will be the best decoration around.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Blue and silver is a nice look. Can you believe I've never been to a Big Lots. I'm so deprived!

Kyra and Terry Hoehn said...

Caleen! You are so creative! You guys are moving?? EXCITING!!

Chelle said...
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Chelle said...

Hi. I think I've misunderstood an
email you sent to us back in October at Domestic Bliss,in regards to our Tidbits swap
and unbeknownst to you, I just entered you in our Happy Homemade Christmas Swap. Oh dear. I am so sorry about this. I have just sent you a series of emails, including your swap partner info. Obviously if you don't want to participate, since you didn't sign up in the first place just let me know. So sorry about the mix up. Hope this makes sense. You can always email with any further questions at
I feel so silly about this.

Thank you so much.


Kara Ward said...

I love the colors too. I can't wait to see more...You have such great style. Kara

Tiffany said...

So pretty! I'm already itching to decorate as well, but we are hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year for 22, so I want to leave up all my fall decor a bit longer.

Love those colors, and I can't wait to see what you do with all your vintage pretties!

MizSmoochieLips said...

Hi there! I stopped by real quick last night to peek at your blog but was so wiped out, I went to bed w/o commenting! Thanks for finding me, also :)
It's funny, I haven't been to BigLots in months and it's been on my to-do list, but now that you've shown your goodies, I'm for sure going to make it a priority! Love the colors you're using this season. Scrumptious!