Monday, July 7, 2008

Late ......Fourth of July Projects *****************

******I am slow.......but, these are some fun projects that I made to decorate
for the 4th of July.. The hat was a 99 cent buy that I altered with my own touch.
The Candle is a lyrical Candle bought for 99 cents that I made for the projects that I am doing for "Camp storia" Jerusalem's blog is
The flowers I made from vintage spools, vintage sheet music, dowels, etc.. I found
The "BIG ROSETTE" On our front door was made with a bunch of papers, craft paper,
buttons, crepe paper, ribbons, vintage stuff. etc..
Well, hope everyone had a fun fourth of July... We had a good time........********


Jan said...

You are so darling Caleen. I love your talent. It is just one of my favorites. Everything you do is just my style. I just have never tried anything like it before. Thanks for the inspiration and the great ideas that you share.

Have a great week. And glad you had a great holiday.

Brooke said...

Hi Mom...
So I am going to open up a store...i swear i am...just have to find some money! lol... move up here so you can help me!!! SERIOUSLY!

Jerusalem said...

Oh everything is so cute! Your candle is GREAT! Have you uploaded it to Flickr? I am going to be updating the site one more time later today!


kelly said...

You are so crafty, I love it! We need to hang out more, K?