Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Guilt has plagued me most of my life. It is a burden which has kept me from moving into the present. The healthiest thing I have done with the help of my Heavenly Father is to
admit that I AM NOT PERFECT !! I AM HUMAN !! I make mistakes everyday.
The picture above shows this man carrying around burdens of not "measuring up". His baggage is heavy, weighted down by shame, guilt, worthlessness...
How do we get to this place? I am not sure. but, I know that I can be free of this baggage. I need to admit when I am wrong and to admit my mistakes. I need to take responsibility for my actions.
I know that I AM NOT PERFECT !! I need to love myself even when I make mistakes. I
need to take Joy in the journey of living and being.. I need to be willing always to
pick myself up.. dust myself off.. and NEVER EVER GIVE UP...
I know that Jesus Christ, my Savior suffered and died for me that he felt every pain of mind, body and spirit that I and you will ever feel.. I do not have to suffer..
He already did that for me and you.. by not accepting this gift.. it is as if it was
done for naught..
I need to face my problems and deal with the past errors and learn from them and move on.. This will lead me to a richer, fuller, happier life.. I believe that it is
"Progress not Perfection"..
I don't want to carry around this baggage of "Guilt" any longer.. It has kept me from moving forward.. from being the person God intended for me to be..
I hope that "YOU" will be free of Guilt too.. Love yourself.. Take time for yourself,
admit "You" are not Perfect !!! and don't forget to SMILE :)....


Jan said...

I hear ya Caleen. It is always a burden to carry guilt around. I gave up on that one years ago. I have decided that being non perfect is a great reason to live. You only have one way and thats up. I can't be stifled into thinking it is a bed of roses and perfect. Not true. That is living a life that seems to only go up and down and mostly down. Glad to hear your working on getting rid of a horrible companion.

Great topic and great thoughts.

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSSS...I feel your pain!!! I am BAD about that, too! I feel guilty about Feeling Guilty! freakish, huh!?!

I am going to be 30 in ((gasp)0 a week & 1/2 ....and for some reason i am feeling that it is becoming my TIME to SHINE. I don't know....maybe it is hormones...but i am starting to feel more secure about who i am & not feeling guilty about every little bity thing i have done.

Now...don't get me wrong...I'm no mask murderer or thief....just Human. Like you. and I repent on a DAILY BASIS! but i don't carry that guilt so much anymore. and it FEELS PRETTY DERN GOOD is you ask me!!! :)

Melissa said...

Whats so comforting is that God puts out his hands to accept our troubles but he wont take them from us- we need to give them to Him. Dont waste a single minute feeling guilty- ask for forgiveness and move to the wonderful future. I love how honest you are in your blog. Thanks for sharing!