Friday, July 4, 2008


I decided to attend my Father's Church Flag Ceremony/Breakfast for the Fourth of July. He was going to speak about his World War II duty while he was in the Army
in 1944. He also was going to play his Trumpet, a medley of Patriotic songs.
My Father, Calvin is 82 years old.. He is simply amazing. He puts 40 and 50 year
olds to shame.. He has played the trumpet for 72 years.. He started at age 9. He
has played in Dixie Land Bands semi-professionally all his life. I remember as a child that he spent some of his weekend playing to earn a few extra dollars. He also is very passionate about it.. So, it is a Hobby, Talent and Love.
I enjoyed listening to his War Story. It was a major part of his life. I know it
changed him and impacted his life. He doesn't like talking about it very often. Who likes War.. He saw a lot of Death and Destruction. He was called to Duty and served
his term and left Honor to his Name and his Country. I know that he developed a strong belief that God was watching over him. He believes in the power of prayer.
He has written a book about his Army duty in World War II.
I know that many have suffered and died as a result of War. I know we need to Honor
our Country and the Freedoms we enjoy. We need to Stand up and Defend our Freedom.
We need to always remember what price other's paid for us to enjoy this Freedom.
Today with Family and Friends we will celebrate.... Freedom... GOD BLESS AMERICA ***


Kim said...

That is so nice! So wonderful. I miss you

Kim said...

I read through your post again! How wonderful for you to hear all that from your father today. a treasure!!!

Jan said...

I love this post. It is so good ole day type. I miss that about life. We were able to go to a historical place this year that felt somewhat old fashioned.

I love your dads vest. He sounds remarkable. What a blessing to share this with him. Glad you went. It sounded wonderful. Take Care.

Aunt Sue said...

WOW!!!! You did a great job iwht the pics. Wish we could have been there. What a way to celebrate the 4th.

Thanks for the story!