Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Newport Beach/Parker's 1st Birthday !!

We had a little Vacation at Newport Beach, ca.. The weather was beautiful and not too hot.. We went on Tues-Friday. We had a fun time relaxing, getting sunburned, eating good food etc..
I think we took a lot of sand home with us..
We went to see the Musical "WICKED" at the PANTAGES THEATER in HOLLYWOOD.. Right by the "STARS WALK".. The PANTAGES THEATER IS JUST BEAUTIFUL..you feel like you are back in time in the Old "hollywood" days!! Hollywood isn't as nice as it use to be.. It is trying to be revitalized but, it is in a old part of Los Angeles and can be kind of
scary at night.. I bet it was fabulous back in the day.. Well, "WICKED" was just fabulous.. I can't say enough about it.. The costumes, actors, music, singing, sets
etc were BROADWAY quality.. It is a show you come away feeling good about life!! at
least we did!! My children are very into singing and musical theater and came away singing all the songs back to our Hotel!!
The rest of the time we just enjoyed the beach and ocean and nice weather!!

Parker is ONE YEAR OLD!! Where did the time go? We had a ELMO birthday party..
YES, he loves ELMO!! I made the decorations.. The hat, banner, box birthday cake,
Elmo Wand.. Brooke, Parker's Mommy made the ELMO birthday cake.. Parker got a "HOKEY Pokey ELMO,ELMO BOOK, Toolbox toy..



Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

The birthday goodies are AMAZING. Love them and soooo creative! The beach looks pretty darn tempting.

Jan said...

You have such a beautiful family. That looked like the perfect celebration for Parker. His eyes are so cute. And the sand picture is priceless.

You are so creative in your designs. I love the Elmo theme and what you made is simply very creative. What a fun talent to share. Take care Caleen..

Jerusalem said...

Oh what great pics I LOVE then!

No you can sign up anytime -even after it starts! If you the Paypal button doesn't work, just go through my Etsy shop and see if that helps! And I would be so honored if you mentioned it on your blog!
Thanks friend!

Kara Ward said...

Okay, you took Elmo to a whole new level. Just fabulous!!! I want to be in Newport. I spent every summer in Seal Beach...ahh, so close. Newport has the Fashion Mall and a great beach area. Oh, I hate summer when I am not heading to California! Tear, tear...you reminded me of some great memories. Kara

Gypsy Mermaid said...

what a fun birthday! i love the elmo theme!! awesome job! hugs


Brooke said...

You had to put the obese elmo cake on here didnt you, and not the best looking picture of myself! Just GREAT mom!!