Friday, June 20, 2008


I LOVE CAMP!!! GO TO: (Blogger is having trouble accepting the link...)
Look over to my links at the right column.. Go to:Link.."mylittlelife"...that link will connect
you to Jerusalem's blog.. (sorry for the trouble)If I can fix it, I will do so !!

Jerusalem is offering a great "CRAFT CAMP" experience.. Remember Camp and the
craft cabin? Well- she has a lot of great ideas.. The fun is.. that you can enjoy
the camp experience right in your own home.. So, check it out... There still is time to sign up...

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Jan said...

I know a couple of ladies, that will really appreciate this site. It is so charming.

Thanks Caleen. I use to go to camp quite often and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad bout with the heat, and now I can't linger in the sun to often for long periods of time. It is really frustrating for me. But you just do the best you can and go from there. Right.

Have a great weekend and enjoy that beautiful family of yours and also that beautiful area you live in.