Saturday, June 7, 2008

I was born in the wrong ERA!!!

You guessed it... SUMMER IS HERE!!! The vacation is in a few days to Newport Beach and
the dilemma is... I need to buy a BATHING SUIT!!

I don't know what it is about BATHING SUITS.. I swear I am cursed when trying to find
just the right one.. I know some evil thing is lurking behind me when I go to try it
on in the dressing room.. You know what I mean.. all I can hear is.. "YOU LOOK AWFUL"
"There is no way "other" people can see you looking like this" Well- you get the drift..

It is bad enough I am not a good decision maker so it takes me even longer to find something.. I went to department stores, specialty shops etc.. for "2" days...
I came home empty handed.. Depressed and feeling full of pity.. :(

I think even at my thinnest I still was never satisfied with myself.. What is up with that?!

Oh, and who designs these bathing suits anyway? Do they live on a remote Island
somewhere where no one gives a hoot to what they look like and they all wear the
same thing?! Are they all models with no hips or curves?!

Do you know what it is like being only 5'2 and short? The bathing suit is either too long waisted or hikes up your gleutous maximus..Jeez!! and do they believe in modesty?
everything is all out there!!!

I am at the wonderful age where things are starting to shift, sage, bag, etc.. I do
exercise at least 4-5 days a week... I also don't want to spend my whole clothing expense.. I do need other things too... I guess I was born in the wrong era.. I mean look at those bathing suits in the picture above.. They all looked ridiculous so who cares..(They look like they are having fun !) Maybe it is just me..I need to get over myself and accept all my imperfections and just forget it.. Is PRIDE bad?! I know I am not alone in this..
I don't think MEN go through this?! Well- I sure don't want to be the only one on the beach in pants and a t-shirt.. but, who knows maybe I'll start a new FAD!!!


Jan said...

I just did a post yesterday with sort of this same topic. My daughter was telling me she has never seen me in a bathing suit. I was thinking the same things about being in the wrong era too. I just am not comfortable in those types of clothing. Even when I was younger. I really don't care much for water anyways due to a witness of drowning.

But on the other note: I just never can understand why we have to be so hard on ourselves. Those nasty little voices in our head telling us that we are not perfect so therefore we can't live our lives to the fullest. I wish I had the magic switch to turn it off.

I have never see anything but beautiful pictures of you Caleen. I know that one commenter on my blog on yesterdays post, gave 2 modest swimsuit websites that maybe you could check out.

I hope you find that suit that you are looking for and be kind to yourself and don't listen to all the head talk. Hugs.

kris hurst said...

I am at the beach in Florida right now- having just purchased a bathing suit that looks like a running outfit- the shorts are connected -black of course!! Add A little coverup makeup on those spots -legs over 40- and magic- I know that everyone on that beach is only thinking about how they look!! My son of 22 told me as we're jumping waves that I had only swam in the ocean with him twice- had to think long on that one!! Now of course I have to get out there everyday this week with him!! You go girl and strut your stuff!!!!