Sunday, June 1, 2008

"ALOHA----Doesn't have to mean goodbye" !!!

This weekend our family moved this sweet family to the Sacramento area to live... This Mother, "ME" is having a hard time!!! My first daughter, Brooke, son-in-law, Bobby and first
Grandson, Parker are off to have exciting adventures in Sacramento. I am happy for the change they get to experience but, I am very sad :( because I am so use to seeing them almost everyday. I have grown so close to Brooke and love Bobby like a son. Parker has blessed our lives so much and we have developed a close bond. I know they only live 3 hours a way and I should be very grateful it isn't farther away.. I know I can pick up the phone to call anytime...
I can also go visit.. I can't help but feel it just isn't the same!!!

Brooke has grown to be such a beautiful person and young woman.. She has so many gifts and talents.. She has many more to explore and pursue.. She has a great life ahead of her.. She is such a good mother to Parker.. Parker is deaf . She is patient and loving to him.. His needs and what is best for him always comes first.. Brooke always makes me laugh. We have shared so many bonding Mother/Daughter times together.. I have grown to appreciate her and love her for who she is.. Thank goodness she is not a carbon copy of me.. She is her own person.. I love that!!

Bobby has been such a blessing to our family.. He is a hard-working and very talented. He is a great handy-man.. He also has been patient and loving to our Brooke and I love him for that..
Bobby has a quiet manner about him and with our loud, wild family he really helps soften us..

Parker is just pure joy!!! Sweet, pure, loving, happy, tender, peaceful.... a gift from God!!

I love this sweet family and I know that Heavenly Father loves them too and wants the best
for them.. I know they have a great life ahead and much more to learn and explore together. Time and distance can not come between the love we have for them !! A special Kenny Loggins song "YOUR HEART WILL LEAD YOU HOME".. We dedicate this song to Bobby, Brooke and Parker.. "GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!" :)

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Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

It's always hard when children move away. Hugs to you and hope you can still have lots of time together.