Friday, March 21, 2008


Today is Jenni's birthday... She is 16 !!!!
Where has the time gone?! She has grown
up to be a lovely, young women.. She has
so many gifts and talents.. We have all
enjoy watching her in plays, singing
and dancing her little heart out.. She is a
great public-speaker and has a lot expression
and has a lot to voice. She desires to be
happy and trys to always do what is right.
She has strong beliefs and convictions and
is not afraid to speak-up when appropriate.
She does not try to be like anyone else, she
knows who she is and is blessed with a good
sense of self. She loves her family and friends
and will defend them when needed.. She has

Her Nickname is SUNSHINE!! "You are my SUNSHINE, my only SUNSHINE, you make
me Happy when skies are grey, you'll never know JENNI
how much we love you, please don't take our Sunshine away"!


Jan said...

She is beautiful. Takes after mother. Hope you have a wonderful 16th year. Sunshine always feels great. Good nickname.

Brett & Kirstin said...

Wow! You've got trouble with your hotty girls! Watch out for them boys! If you run out, I've got some really cute ones here in our neighborhood - come visit us Jenni and we'll hook you up! It's me and silly but we have started a blogspot of our family and wanted you to know - Hope to hear from you soon and lots of luck with another driver!!