Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Sister, Janine !!

Tomorrow, March 20th is my sweet sister, Janine's birthday !!!
I wanted to get out this post because I will be going early in the AM
to spend the day with her.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANINE!!

My sister Jan is only about 14 months younger than me.. She
has been a blessing in my life since she came into our lives.. We had a fun
childhood together and shared many fond memories as children do.. We
were blessed to have each other.. I had 3 older Brothers and I love them
too but, she really helped me in my life..
Janine is one of the most caring, loving, sincere woman that I
know and as a child I know she had to put up with me.. I was fiesty, loud,
full of energy.. She was a calming influence. I demanded a lot of attention
at times and she was always patient with me.. I was definitely a little more
serious and dramatic. She listened often to my tales and was very quiet and
gentle with me. She was very playful, imaginative and very child-like.. We
shared secrets and felt safe with each other. The "PARTRIDGE FAMILY"
was a popular TV show that we liked to watch.. Well-guess WHO got to be
"Shirley Jones?" Yep, me!! She usually let me have my way!! She was "there"
when I needed someone to talk to and listen.. When I had a lot inside as a
teen, she was "there".
As we grew up, she has never judged me and has given me loving
advice and caring words. I am sure I have hurt her at times with my "insensitivity"
but, she has always forgiven me. I know that she Loves me Unconditionally.
This has meant a lot to me... I believe she was a gift to me from my Heavenly
Father and I love and appreciate her this day and always..
She has been loving to my children and has always wanted the "best"
for them.. She has a quiet way, deep convictions and strength which I admire.

And although we are very different we complement each other and
have remained to this day,close and Best friends!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANINE.... I LOVE YOU !!!! (Janine is on the left)

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Jan said...

First of all, you are both stunning women. Wowser. I have a name in common with hers Jan. What an tribute Caleen. Sisters are the very best friends indeed. My oldest sister is the one that knows everything about me. We have a sworn secrecy code. What a wonderful post. Loved it. Happy Birthday Jan-ine. Yeah.