Thursday, January 3, 2008


I LOVE CHRISTMAS VACATION.... because.... well, first because I LOVE Christmas and all
the magic and excitement it brings... Also, because we love to go to the movies... These are the
3 movies that I saw over the vacation... I loved NATIONAL TREASURE 2. Disney always puts a lot
in their movies... Nicholas Cage is great also!! I also drive my Family crazy because I get so
excited when the scenes are in places in the World that I have been too... It is like reliving being
their... I have been to Paris, London,Italy... So, I get so excited!!
I AM LEGEND... well, Will Smith looks fine in this movie... I couldn't help but notice that he has
been taking good care of his physique... ha!! It was a different, I am not sure how I feel about
it... quite intense and everyone in the theater didn't make much noise..
PS. I LOVE YOU... well, I dragged my Husband, Kevin to this film.. great chick flick... I cried,
laughed... all those emotions.. I loved Ireland.. I loved the story... I pretty much feel blessed
that I have a terrific husband that I really love... I hope I never take our love for granted!!

Well, this Vacation was great... I slept later, ate whatever I wanted, watched lots of mindless
TV, played with my Grandson Parker, watched my kids play their Guitar Hero, Wii games,
shopped alittle, movies, dinner out, eating out, not having to cook a lot.... It was great!!!
I took all of the christmas decorations down today.. what a job!! I like to really clean when I take it down, I dust, move furniture, shake rugs, sweep, throw away stuff I do not need etc...
I also started organizing and cleaning our attic... WHAT WAS I THINKING? We had a problem
with mice and they had been having fun up their.. It is pretty freaky laying in bed at night and
hearing the little critters play up in our attic... Well, it REALLY freaked me out!! Well-
they are no longer here.. our pest control guy has made sure of that!! I can't believe that with
all the CATS that are in our neighborhood you would have thought they would do their job to
keep the mice under control... Well, I guess they are not doing their job!!!
Well, getting back to my attic cleaning.. I brought junk down to take to the salvation army and
stuff I just need to throw away... Then, I had to take all the 10 bins with christmas stuff up the stairs to the attic... I thought I was going to die!! really!! Well- my home is squeaky clean and
feels good!! I still have some closets to get too but, geez, this gal needs to STOP!!

I have 3 more restful days.. ..and then back to schedules, exercising, cooking, cleaning, homework.. YUCK!! It has been a great Christmas Vacation!!!


Judea said...

I just wanted to say I LOVE your banner!

Kim said...

hey caleeny...i loved National Treasure too. glad you had a nice relaxing time during vacation. i have too.... see you today at church!