Friday, December 28, 2007


The year 2007 is about to leave.... adios.... A new 2008 is soon to be here... I wonder what that will bring us?....

I had a great Christmas and it had all the joy and family togetherness and worship and traditions
which make this a special time of year.... I also had a good year... Filled with good times and times of growth... HIGHLIGHTS OF 2007....

1. Grandson, Parker James born, June 12, 2007. :)
2. Lauren moved to Utah :(
3. Lauren moves to Hawaii to be a Nanny... :)
4. Vacations at Cayucos, Newport Beach, Morro Bay, Utah ,Hawaii..:)
5. Stacey gets her drivers license. :)
6. Visit Lauren in Maui, Hawaii :)
7. Start my blog....:)

I really believe at making goals, and the New year is a fresh start.... I feel lucky because my
birthday is January 2, so, I have a great birthday to celebrate in a month of changes.... I have
always set goals and usually too many at a time.. I have learned that I make a goal in each
category... such as .. SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL.. ETC... I write them down in my journal and take note as to how I am doing... I laugh that some of my goals have been repeated
for many years... I guess I just haven't mastered the goal yet... I hope your new year brings
lots of possibilities, exciting adventures, new dreams, new awakenings, memories..... I know that I have enjoyed getting to meet new friends and try new things and I have a desire to keep
learning and growing..... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!


Junie Moon said...

I'm so glad your Christmas was a happy one and full of spirit.

The things I want to accomplish in the new year are what I call "intentions." My priorities this coming year will be working on good health and simplifying.

Junie Moon said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! I hope this year brings you continued joy and amazing new adventures.

Kim said...

I can't wait to get together with you. I will be bringing you a gift - as soon as I finish it!!! I'm moving slowly...I think it's time for the kids to go back to school or something. I'm very distracted, though i love having them home. I'll talk with you soon.

Anonymous said...

hi!!!I'm from Peru in south america!!my name's Ana and I don't speak very well English!! but I want meet interesting people!!