Monday, July 30, 2007


There is something to be said about "PACKAGING". On my trip to the coast I noticed that
all the quaint little stores that I fondly admired, had a special something about them. When
I purchased merchandise from their stores they always had a way of making the shopper feel
extra special. The stores had a way of packaging items to have that special touch. I thought
about that a lot and I think there is a lot to be said about the way things are presented. Some
of my most favorite gifts have been simple but definitely put together in a way that made me
feel so very cared for. I saw a lot of creative things and the coastal area is definitely full of
artistic, creative people. I met a lot of friendly people, genuine and warm.
I learned a lot about this detail as I shopped and browsed the shops. I have noticed in the '"BLOG WORLD" that there is a lot said about details!!! I am going to do a little better and
put all those little special touches that hopefully will convey to the receiver of the "gift"
that I put a little more effort, time, love and special attention. I know that my little coastal
trip was a blessing. I not only was able to direct my thoughts and put my life in perspective.
I was able to appreciate all the beauty that was around and all the artistic ways that I can express myself.

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Kim said...

you shopped at my 2 fave stores in cambria. what did you buy? Heart's Ease has packaged their items that way for as long as I've gone there and that is a LONG 20 plus years. i miss it. i want to be there right now.