Friday, July 27, 2007


I had a great day today. I first went walking in cayucos, to get some good exercise
and fresh air. I usually walk everyday at home so, I took advantage of the beach great
places to walk.. I then checked out all the great antique stores. There are about 5 or so
here in Cayucos, some of them are even 3-4 storied buildings. I was completely over-
whelmed, I didn't buy anything because I just enjoyed browsing at all the wonderful old
things. I then drove to Cambria and I forgot how beautiful that area is. The town
is nestled in Pines and mountains, and just a few minutes away from the beach. There
are, antique stores, art shops, eateries, beautiful flowers everywhere. I love how the
homes in this area are colorful. They aren't scared to use color.. Also their homes have
lots of wonderful yard art.. depending on their preference. Ocean art, statues, fairies,
windchimes, suns everywhere... I had a wonderful time exploring everywhere. I even
got up real close to a "deer" as it was grazing in someone's yard... I then took a drive
to see "HEARST CASTLE" It has been years since I have been there. I decided to not
go on a tour so, I drove back to Cambria. I then took a walk to see if I could see anymore
sea otters. I did see lots of course, but, they were too hard to photograph. I then drove
to Cayucos and got something to eat... I have had a great time.. I am sad I have to go
home tomorrow. Yet, I have had a great time and some relaxation and time to take
care of myself. I have to "thank" my hubby for that!!! :)


Die Hohe Dame said...

those are some awsome pictures! love it....
ok so i nominated you as a rockin girl blogger! hope thats cool!

Michele said...

What a great blog! Love your pictures, what a great place to escape too. I can't remember who's blog got me to yours, but it's been fun.