Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am still here!!!

I know, it has been a whole week since I have written on the blog.. Where does the time
go?! A lot has happened this past week and I have had a hard time getting it all together.
My daughter Lauren decided to move back home and that was quite a surprise... I guess
she decided that she wasn't ready to move away on her own... It has been a big adjustment
and she has had a hard time.. I am grateful she has decided to come home and make some
changes and new plans in her life. It nonetheless has been a little crazy. Well, my husband
is very aware of my needs and he surprised me and booked me 2 nights at the coast to have
some R & R, which I guess I desperately need... I am grateful that he takes care of me...
I am having a great time.. I like the slower paced life, the beauty of the ocean, the cool
air, the wild-life (you know, deers, otters, birds, etc..) The time to reflect, read, ponder,
pray, write in my journal, walk..... I took some pictures but, I forgot my other lens and I missed
a lot of great pictures... I have a few but, I think you will have to guess what they are!!!
Have a great day, summer, enjoy!!!!

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