Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Creativity Goals for 2012" !

Well- It is 2012' already!  How the years seem to fly!  That just means that I am getting older too.. Darn!  Not really, it's all good.

With the Start of a New year.. I have some
"Creative Goals"  I want to work on.. Among some other goals I have a desire to do too..

1. Learn to Solder Jewelry!

    This has been something I have wanted to do for sometime. I am not going to be afraid to complete this :)

2.  Draw!  

     I use to draw years ago when my kids were little. I just haven't picked up a sketch pad and done this for some
time.. I really enjoyed it when I did. 

3.  Paint on Canvas!

     My Daughter Brooke, is an amazing painter.. she paints with such ease.. She adds some fun techniques to her paintings and different mediums.. I would like to learn to paint. 

4.  Sew!

     I love sewing... My machine is busted right now.. I am at
 a loss without it.. I would like to improve my sewing skills and maybe help my daughters learn...

5.   Take a class!

      I don't really care what it is.. I just love learning.. It would be fun to take a class that I am a little fearful of taking.. That would be growth for me :)
Well- I am excited to get going! The possibilities are Endless!
Now.. Time for me to get busy! 

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