Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My "Boo-Tique".. Fall/Halloween Creations!


Cheese Cloth Ghost with Scary Spiders. Love this pattern. Had a lot of fun staining, dyeing and sewing up this cute ghost. Thanks to the talented designer who made up this pattern. "Tennessee Ridge Primitives" It stands on an old sewing Bobbin. It was a hit. I made only one... It was a little more work than I wanted to do.. Thanks to my sweet friend, Sarcie for taking my Cute ghost home..  :)

                                     Colorful Pumpkins I made soooo Many of these.. They are made out of
                                                           Crushed panne. They are of every shapes and sizes.
                                                       Three Tiered Pumpkin with a Crow. Painted Orange and dyed with
                                                    a colorful Stain to make it a little grungy.
                                                      Cornucopias for your Festive Table.
                                                    A Table set-up with Goodies for sale...
Fall/Sunflower Boxes with a sweet lil' Owl...
                                                          Wreaths- "Give Thanks" Owl Wreath and
                                                    Red Burlap Bubble Wreath with Burlap flowers
                                                                          and Jewels.

I have had 3 boutiques so far in the last year.  This is totally out of my comfort zone.. I am so grateful to the support of my Family and Friends.. I love creating. I love bringing a smile on someone's face. I love making people happy and inspired. I don't care about how much money I make. I just love to create. That is where my real Passion lies.
I am opening up an Etsy soon.. I am also doing a "Christmas" Boutique. So stay Tuned. :)

E pattern used for Ghost, Owl and Pumpkins by "Tennessee Ridge Primitives"
check them out.. I just love their stuff!   :) Witch Boots on Pumpkin, Cornucopia
by "The Old Glory Company"  Another great Pattern Company!

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kelly said...

I love the red burlap wreath! I also love the 3 tiered pumpkin. I am so sad I forgot about the 'boo'tique!