Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween around the House"

Well, it's that fun time of the year! When I can go crazy and decorate the house with ghoulish and scary and creepy things.
   Alot has gone on in our house lately.. Too much to tell. I am
trying to start blogging again. I am sooo sorry I haven't been a 
good blogger.. :(
I just had a Fall/Autumn Boo-tique! I will post pictures later. It was
a fun event. Thank you to all my Friends that came and supported me. You are great!
Stay tuned.. I am doing a Christmas boutique in first week of December. (I have tons to do.. better get busy.!
I have lots of exciting things to tell... so, please stay tuned.. I promise you won't  be disappointed.. (even if I only have a few followers that stayed!)
Happy Halloween to All!!!!

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Scrapally said...

Your house looks great! And I can't wait to hear all the exciting news! :) Glad you are having another need to raise your prices though, I feel like a thief buying your beautiful stuff so cheap! Happy Halloween!!