Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Pillows !

Don't you just Love these???    I was given some extra BIG pillows from a 
Friend that she no longer needed and were in excellent condition. So, I decided to Make them into something fun for our Bedroom.

I have seen these pillows at Urban and elsewhere  and made my own take on them. Maybe not
Original, but this is my own  adaption of what I have seen.

 HOW TO DO:  I used Freezer paper to make a letter stencil and cut the lips and Moustache out of the Freezer paper too. Then Ironed onto the Canvas Material
(Which is a "Painter's Drop Cloth" )  Then I used a paintbrush and painted the cut out part of the stencil.   Then, let it dry thoroughly. After it dried pulled off the
Freezer paper and Heat set it with a warm iron. 

Then, I went to the sewing machine and made it a pocket pillow. So, when they need to be washed you just slip the pillow out.. :)  So Easy!

I made a "Ruffle" for the MRS. and added one of my flower clips for a "Feminine
look. :)

Now.. Do you think you can tell which side of the bed the Mr. sleeps on ???
Maybe I should shake things up a bit and mix them up??  LOL!!

My Hubby actually has a moustache  too.. :)


Wanda Metcalf said...

Oh these are too cute!! love love them! and for the hubs to have a mustache how perfect.

Enjoy your weekend hope it's warm and dry!

Scrapally said...

Very clever! Those would be cute wedding gifts...

Ann said...

I really like your cute pillows. Very creative.