Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recap December 2010'

Well, it is a New Year Things have been so busy that I failed to mention a few things that
happened last month that were exciting.. So... here are some pictures to sum up the events that happened in December 2010'..

My 2nd Daughter, Lauren is expecting so, in December we had a Baby Shower for her.
It is her first baby and we are so excited. We had the Baby shower at our Friend, Shelly's Home.
Our theme was "Woodland Creatures" .. or.. something like that.. We or I , sadly
didn't take before pictures.. So, you can't really get the idea.. I made a Fabric Banner of mushroom material, and Woodland animals.. It said "WELCOME BABY"! I also made Fabric Mushrooms and owls and fox... Daughter, Brooke put it all together that morning and decorated beautifully.. There were pots with birds and moss and Deers and snow and Trees.. Lauren
loved it! It came together so nicely.. We served Soup and Bread bowls, Salad, veggies, Crackers and Cheese etc.. and had Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie for Dessert.. (Lauren's request!) Everyone was so sweet and generous and she received lovely things for her baby.

Next.. I sewed and made things all the month of December.. I was in "Crafty Heaven"!
What a better way to show my love than with Handmade Items..
Wool Sweater Scarves and Wool Head Wraps made for a Friend. A Foofy Cuff  Bracelet made
for a Special Friend too.. I made other items which I didn't take a picture of.. Aprons, purses,  Journals,Fleece scarves for my Friends and Girls, Pajamas and Blanket for my Grandson Parker..  It was a fun time!

  Now it is January, 2011'... I had a Wonderful Birthday! Even after getting over the Shock of turning 50! My Family was so good to me.. My Hubby made a lovely dinner for me and my kids all spoiled me with Awesome gifts. (New sewing machine, Purse,wallet,  boots, necklace, work out shoes, work out outfit!)  My Friend Ellen put together a party for my Friends at "Macaroni Grill" and all 14 of my special friends were there to Celebrate my Birthday! (gifting me again!)   My other special friends texted me and gave me Well wishes.. All in all .. it was Fabulous!  

Lauren is Due any Day.. So Exciting! more exciting News
ahead!  Stay tuned.. I haven't forgotten about the Giveaway that I wanted to have.. After turning 50! ...  I think a Giveaway... is what we need.. So stay tuned!

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Kara Ward said...

Oh congrats on a baby!
You are going to have so much fun crafting for the little one and who knows they may end up crafting with you! What a treasure!!!!!