Sunday, January 2, 2011

Help! Guess who turned 50!

                                           Well, today is my 50th Birthday! I have
been wearing black all day.. Mourning :( the loss of being
in my forties!!  How did I get this old????  I guess- One day at a Time!   I have had some wise cracks all day about getting a discount at Denny's!!  WHAT???   All I can say is "Watch out
World!"  This old lady is Living Life Full!  I am
going to embrace it as soon as I get over Mourning :(   Maybe tomorrow, I will be Smiling :)


Scrapally said...

Happy Birthday! you are very spunky and young! I would never believe you were 50 - which by the way, is NOT old...I am just a couple behind you! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love ya!

Lauren Caleen Torres said...

I only HOPE to be as good looking and fun spirited as you are when it's my turn to turn 50! I love you mom and hope you had a great birthday! You are an inspiration :) I LOVE YOU!

Robin said...

Fifty is actually just a number !! When you're as cute as you !! You will never look older than 30, seriously !! Sorry I missed your birthday !! Love you Dear Friend !!

Debbie said...

Caleen, I can totally relate! I turned 50 on the 1st! The bad part was I didn't realize I was turning 50 until about 2 weeks before my birthday. So I have been in mourning for 2 weeks now. I'm trying to follow wise advise my daughter gave. She said "mom, don't think of it as being over the Hill, think of it as being on top of the mountain"! So as we stand on top of the mountain, scream to the top of your lungs and then get on with living. Your are a beautiful lady. Love ya

Grandmotherfairy said...

I finally have my room back so I can comment on your blog...sorry I am late in wishing you a wonderful birthday...youngster...:)

Alisa said...

Happy Birthday, Caleen!!!