Monday, October 18, 2010

"My Friendship while Blogging"

                                                A recent box of gifts from Priscilla! A beautiful music Box.
                                              Patterns and papers, cards and lots of things for paper art.

                                                    Vintage Powder and Puff, Patterns..
                                                      Flowers and a sweet Doll.

Who would have thought that through blogging I would meet some wonderful
I did!
A few years ago I was partnered up in  "Halloween Swap" with Priscilla.
Her blog was "Casa Bella Chic".. We swapped with each other fun
gifts and we became instant friends. We started emailing and coresponding
through our blogs.. We also have sent each other fun finds and gifts to
each other.. We have a lot of the same interests. Priscilla is easy to talk to and is kind and understanding and when I was going through a rough time she was a True friend to me! I finally had the opportunity
to go visit Priscilla and her Family a few weeks ago!
I drove 5 HOURS TO GO SEE Priscilla.. I was so Excited!
I of course had the blessing of my Hubby who wanted me to finally meet after
years of friendshipping through texting, emails etc.. I stayed in a nearby
Hotel (which was very nice )  (Thank you Hubby!)
We finally met at a Walmart (Funny) and I met her Hubby and Priscilla!
She is as wonderful and sweet as I thought! We ate by the Beach out
on the Pier at "Rubys".. We laughed and talked and really had
a fun time.. They are both beautiful Brazilians and have 2 amazing little
boys, Christian and Carter.  On Saturday we met up at the famous
"Urban Barn"  in Escondido..  All I can say about the "Barn" is... WOW!
Her Mother came to meet me too.. We had lunch at the "Cheescake Factory" and
chatted for hours and had a nice time.. Later that evening
I went to their home to finally meet their 2 sweet boys.. They
were sooo Adorable.. The oldest, Christian was so fun to talk to. Carter is a Doll too. They had a lovely Home and I felt very Welcomed! They
are a lovely Family.. I feel so blessed that we have become Friends-
and all through Blogging! What a fun adventure it has been!!
Now.. Go Meet Priscilla.. She is Amazing! She has a wonderful
website for Children : Fun finds, Fashion, Design and Decor.. It is..
She also has an online  Baby Magazine too!   BabiekinsMagazine..
Thank you Priscilla for a wonderful time! I can't wait to come visit again! I adore You and your
Family!! :)


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Caleen,

Thank you so much for coming to visit me and my Blog today!
I am thrilled that you were able to sign up for my Romantic and Beautiful Giveaway!!

I wish you a great weekend my new friend!!

Love and Blessings,


sjmcdowell said...

Hi again Caleen...

Just wanted to tell you that I love all the things that you have made pictured here in your blog!!
I really like the linen table runner with the ruched ribbons in the middle!!