Monday, October 11, 2010

Cuff Swap Reveal !

 Sorry for the blurred photos.. I didn't realize I had the wrong setting on
my Camera.. So Sad! Just a lousy photographer..
 Just a little bag I stamped and glittered and filled with fun things for
my partner, Valerie
 I made this cuff with a "Marie Antoinette" Feel.. So pink
and Feminine and Frilly..

Again... Sorry for the lousy pictures.. I really enjoyed this
swap and really pushed myself creatively.. The cuff was made
by sandwiching 2 muslin pieces together and I put soft
batting inside.
Then I sewed lots of different laces on top.
Added a "Marie" fabric piece in the
middle and put "Bling" Ribbons, appliqued Flowers
more lace and a ribbon closure and bling button..
I hope Valerie will feel transported to another
Time... when she wears it :)

Swap Hosted by Natalie from Hungry Hippie and Shelly from HoneyLamb and I
Thanks Gals!


Alisa said...

Very pretty! I love the little bag full of goodies!

Robin said...

It is all so beautiful !! The cuff is awesome !!

The word verification below is "modest" I thought it was funny !!

Rebecca said...

Hello Caleen
What wonderful cuffs! Very beautiful, your partner will be thrilled.
Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.
Many Blessings

Kim said...

love love love love it!!! it is beautiful. In honor of Marie Antoinette -- "let them wear cuffs!"

Mrs A. said...

Just got back off holiday and had to leave a message. The cuff is absolutely gorgeous. I love it and the two bags stuffed full of goodies are a pandora's box of treasure. Will post on my blog a.s.a.p. Thankyou so much for being my partner.