Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Fall Runner"

I am so Behind! The Story of my Life!
I can't believe it is October already!
You mean I have to pull out all those
Halloween Decorations ????
Just a fun project that I whipped up for Fall !
A Fall Table Runner..
I used the color palette of Pink, Yellow, Red, Brown
white and Orange..
Burlap and a Burlap Ruffle
with Cotton Ruffles.
  I just came back from a fun trip to Escondido to visit a fellow Blogging
Friend... More pictures and details Later... :)


Mrs A. said...

That is super cute. Love the colour combination. Wish I knew where to get what you call Burlap in the UK. I have just bought a glass cake stand and am now looking for a dome to go with it. I can just catch a glimpse of the gorgegus one in your picture.

Alisa said...

Love those ruffles!

Mrs A. said...

I had just finished posting my comment above when the door bell went and there was the express delivery mail man. Caleen!! I am in seventh heaven. The goodies are devine. I am so so lucky. Thankyou so much. Huge hugs.