Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Vintage Costume Jewelry"

Last Saturday at 6:00 am my buddies and I ventured off to
the annual Block Yard Sales... This is a yearly event where the entire block is filled
with lots of great Yard Sale treasures.. It was really early.. but, we were ready....

I immediately saw the Man selling Costume and fun Jewelry.. I couldn't help
myself.. Maybe I should get help with my fascination with old Costume Jewelry.. It doesn't
have to be expensive.. I just love the old stuff with all the beads and pearls and chains..

I got a good deal at 50 cents for some and $1.00 for others.. I got the vintage jewelry
box For $1.00 with the cute music box lady with the song "Let me call you Sweetheart"... Some of
the other jewelry was just found at various Yard sales..

Great finds and great deals.. No Shame in loving Costume Jewelry... I just remember my Mother wearing all that colorful costume jewelry.. Back in the 60's.. Fun times and Fun memories.

I am sure my kids are going to remember me in the day.. They don't "Get" my fascination with vintage things and Yard Sales.. But, hey, I have "Caught" them a few times wearing my" Lucky" jewelry finds and clothes... OH YEAH... Who's laughing now :)


Grandmotherfairy said...

How fun!!!!

Robin said...

It was so much fun !! Everyone is always welcome !! You did get some really good deals !!

Kim said...

Is that the jewelry box you bought that day? It seemed like it was smaller. I love the jewels too....can't get enough.
i think i would like the pile of jewels as seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at disneyland......ever since i was a child i wanted my own pile of costume jewelry like that one. strange.